Our Portfolio

Kök Projekt’s Portfolio

Kök Projekt is an vertical focused startup accelerator and a corporate innovation partner,
who works for empowering the sectors of food, agriculture, water and energy

Spin-SUNUM Program
In collaboration with Kök Projekt for the agri-food sector, Spin-SUNUM Program, designed for Deep Tech Startups, provides infrastructure, expert teams, access to funds, collaborations, and partnership models for selected teams.
Sufle Cloud Program
Kök Projekt and Sufle collaborate to accelerate startups within the agri-food sector with unlocking their potential in cloud technologies, with the support of Amazon Web Services.
İZKA GreenTech Program
In collaboration with Izmir Development Agency, GreenTech Program focuses on bringing together the sector representatives and early-stage agriculture startups who’re developing solutions for the challenges within climate change and sustainability.
İş Bank Agriculture Competition
İş Bank Agriculture Competition, organized by İş Bank Turkey and facilitated by Kök Projekt, aimed to support early-stage agritech startups within Turkey and empower them to scale their products and services.
Food Ideathon
Food Ideathon is the regional entrepreneurship program focused on supporting agri-food innovation witihn the MENA Region.
Women Leaders In Agriculture
Women Leaders In Agriculture, organized by Wtech Association Turkey and facilitated by Kök Projekt, aimed to empower the women led, early-stage agritech startups within Turkey and scale their products across the country.
FIG is a food and tourism entrepreneurship program focuses on economic development of the tourism sector in the Aegean Region.
Foodback is a social impact focused food entrepreneurship network that is co-created by Kök Projekt and Impact Hub Istanbul.
Future Agro Challenge
Future Agro Challenge is an international agri-food pitching competition that representatives across the globe, created by Industry Distruptors. Kök Projekt worked together with ID on representing the ecosystem in Turkey.
Imece is an economical development program funded by UNCHR and EU, implemented by Habitat Association on supporting the Syrian entrepreneurs to integrate to the Turkish economy. Kök Projekt worked together with Habitat Association for the integration of food entrepreneurs.
The LIFE Project, is a social impact project focused on food entrepreneurship. Kök Projekt worked together with CIPE and Idema for the development and implementation of the curriculum of the entrepreneurship program.
AgriTech Studio
In collaboration with HAN Spaces, Kök Projekt developed an entrepreneurship platform focusing on supporting innovation within the agri-food technologies. The goal of the AgriTech Studio is to build a network and a hub for agri-food tech innovations focusing on critical challenges globally such as climate change, food security andwater security.    HAN Spaces is as a platform and a business network that manages workspaces, and office buildings with a novel real estate approach. HAN Spaces, established by NURUS Company with the experience of almost 100 years, combining design and craft, giving life to offices, and ALKAŞ Company with over a 30 years of industry vision, concept and commercial real estate experience.